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Say “Cheese”:-) Sunday Independent, February 2007

They say bad things come in threes and they would be right as far as I am concerned.  My current three disasters are my recent break-up with my fiancé, the occurrence of heart-wrenching Valentines Day and, as if that gruesome twosome isn’t enough, I get the triple whammy of being a model, a job where, […]

Do You Want to Look Sexy?: Social & Personal, May 2005

Sex makes the world go round, doesn’t it? The urge to mate is in our genes. And for most of us women that means falling in love first, and finding the right partner that can love us too. Attracting this mate to us is our preoccupation, responding to our genetic urges that are deep and […]

Calvin and Kitty

Calvin Calvin, named after the famous cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes, is my 9-year-old dog; my family adopted him at about 8 weeks old from a farm where we used to stable our horses in Wicklow. He’s a mongrel a mixed breed of terrier, Labrador, and German shepherd and probably a few other breeds. His […]

Like a Rolling Stone…..: Social & Personal

We young people tend to believe that love and sex is the domain of the young. Let’s face it, most love poetry and popular love songs have been written about the young, and often by the young. We are inclined to believe that post-forties love affairs must be rum and ludicrous and are often disturbed […]

Photo Call Couture: Sunday Independent, March 2007

I’m sure there are many preconceived notions of what the life of a model entails, but what’s even more curious is the life of an Irish model. We’d all like to imagine the day beginning with a 2 hour session of being beautified for a photo shoot, hair coiffed into red carpet glamour before choosing […]

What Women Want: May 2007

Apparently Freud’s dying words were, “What do women want?” Well, if the great philosopher could not figure it out, it’s understandable that many of today’s men are perplexed by the same question. The reason? Not even we women know entirely what we want and even when we have found it it’s not long before we […]

Sexy and Single: Social & Personal, April 2003

My journey of a thousand miles began, as they do, with a delay of about   3 hours. I was driving down the N11, looking good, (ergo feeling good), on my way to a casting, hair blown, trousers tight, determined to clinch the job, and smiling to myself in anticipation of the great interesting work […]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Social & Personal, January 2004

Christmas has come and gone, the New Year has started, festive spirits are dampened and the monotonous routine of working life has begun. As everybody winds down after the party season it seems the only thing to look forward to is your first paycheque in 2004. Early dull mornings combined with dark evenings and the […]

Can’t Buy Me Love: Social & Personal, March 2004

Everytime we switch on the tele these days there are ads about money, how to borrow it if you have none, how to invest it when you have a lot. The most controversial to my mind is the credit card ad. It goes something like this: Trip to Australia to see the place where mom […]

Valentines Day – A Model for Love?: Sunday Independent, February 2007

From co-workers to classmates, friends to family, Valentines Day has become an occasion to express our appreciation to a variety of people, mainly to our lovers. In what is traditionally one of the slowest shopping months of the year Valentine’s Day has now become big business for retailers the world over who encourage us to […]

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