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Valerie Roe

Social & Personal Almost 13 years have passed since Valerie Roe first stepped in to manage one of Dublin’s most famous nightclubs, Lilies Bordello. Now with a marriage, child and successful boyband under her belt, Ireland’s favourite after dark personality has taken a change in direction. Never one to go where the path may lead, […]

Sine Quinn, Blackrock Publishing

Social & Personal, October 2005 Ireland has always been renowned for producing some of the greatest literary icons in history from Yeats to Joyce, Wilde to Kinsella. Our country has played host and inspired dozens of other writers, whose names will be forever remembered and whose works will always remain compulsory reading on our school […]

Paul Sheeran

Social & Personal, February 2006 “Diamonds are Forever,” sang Shirley Bassey, while Marilyn insisted they were, “A Girl’s Best Friend”. And we might well believe it because diamonds have long reigned as the ultimate statement of ardour and affection. Whilst the presentation of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant can make a woman’s eyes sparkle […]

Pat Austin, Montagne Investment

Social & Personal Oscar Wilde once said, “with an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stockbroker, can have a reputation for being civilised”. This suffice to say is inevitably true, for when Pat Austin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Montaigne Investment Corporation entered his plush office, civilised he did look. A […]

Paschal O’Reilly

Social & Personal From an early age we all somehow realise, that it matters less to a person where they are born than where they can live. I, like many children made it a regular occurrence to lock myself within the confinement of my bedroom, my home, and remaster my surroundings. I would emerge hours […]

Paddy Campbell

Social & Personal, April 2005 Patrick Campbell has two main loves in his life; his business and his art. As typifies a man who has built up a successful business, the Executive Chairman of Campbell Bewley’s Group was indeed in a positive and ebullient mood. “I’m very excited about this forthcoming exhibition,” he exclaimed, referring […]

Gillian Bowler: Social & Personal, October 2005

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person. Gillian Bowler is just that. With a diary of meetings already planned into the next year, the woman is living proof of the power of focus: ‘I started my career when I was jus a kid. I was in my early twenties when I […]

Christian Louboutin: Social & Personal, June 2005

A relative unknown until recent times, Christian Louboutin’s name is now mispronounced in virtually every language by the swarms of elegant women, who from Los Angeles to Paris and Singapore to Monte Carlo, make and destroy reputations. Not least of them TV’s Desperate Housewives. He has two boutiques in Paris and another in New York, […]

Bill Cullen: Social & Personal, April 2005

An apple a day keeps the overdraft away, or so Bill Cullen would encourage us to believe. Following the success of his first book, ‘A Long Way From Penny Apples’, Bill has just launched its sequel, ‘Golden Apples’. It’s a guide to the habits of successful living that were bred into him from childhood. [singlepic=825,300,450,,right]And […]

Ben de Lisi Social & Personal, January 2006

Although American born, Ben de Lisi has become such a strong player on the British fashion circuit it’s easy to forget he’s not English. The London-based fashion designers mission is to make his clients look and feel beautiful. Ben has dressed many celebrities from the worlds of music, TV and movies. His British fans include […]

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