Articles for December, 2008

Funeral speech by Katy’s sister, Jill.

I don’t know how to sum up all that I wish to say about my sister in just a few minutes. There are no words to describe what she meant to me and the person that she really is. I will probably look back on this in the future and think that I had left […]

Memorial Speech by Katy’s sister, Jill Eulogy for Katy.

It is a lot more difficult for me to get up and speak now about my sister one year on. I suppose now I have a little more awareness of what is happening around me, but it just seems to be all the more difficult as I am not sure that what has come to […]

Memorial Speech by Katy’s Mum, Janet.

She was oh so beautiful, my Katy. Her eyes sparkled. She laughed and smiled from the moment she set foot on this earth. Her face beamed sunshine and her eyes pierced you with that sparkle that said ‘Here I am loving you, loving life’. When she was 12 months old her Swiss nanny, Doris, told […]

Eulogy for Katy

Thank you all for being here today to help my little Katy on her way to heaven. And thank you all for helping us also to celebrate her life on this earth. Katy’s was a life of sunshine and sparkle, of fun and daring, of taking on challenges, of blazing trails. Life with Katy was […]

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