On looking good

“Perhaps it’s not our looks that make us ‘beautiful’ but our smiles that make life more beautiful for us.”

“Sure some kick-ass super gloss lipstick may make you look gorgeous, but it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in your pj’s or a Galliano gown or a punk rock outfit as long as you’re confident in being you and feeling beautiful inside.”

“Yeah I’m aware of the power that good looks give you. I’m also aware of the negatives it gives you. You get pre-judged too quickly.”

“Life and love can be hard enough as it is, so if being good looking makes it easier, count me in.”

“Fortunately I was born from a good gene pool and personally I think I would be a fool not to use it.”

“When it comes to matters of the heart I’m happy enough to use my looks as the initial bait.”

“There are plenty of fish in the sea, you know, and any girl who has the bait can always hook them in. Not that I’d go fishing first thing in the morning. The state of me – they’d probably swim away!”

“One day my looks might just catch me that big fish who’ll fall in love with the person inside me”.

“The answer to appearing younger is simple, start dating older men. If you can’t find any in a hurry, we can count our age in dog years instead or tell people we are older than we actually are. That way they’ll be impressed at how young we look.”

“Now I know we’re told that smoking and drinking causes wrinkles, but just remind me again – which one was Mother Theresa doing? Enough said.”

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