On Modelling

“Modelling is probably one of the few occupations that makes you analyse your self worth on a regular basis. Every day we need to be mentally strong in order to face the constant rejections that are awaiting us. We lose more jobs that we get for reasons such as, you’re too fat, you’re too thin, the photographer didn’t like you, and the client thinks you don’t have the right look.”

“I battle with being a model. Massively. I have a huge chip about it because it’s seen as really shallow. But I got into it and I did well at it and I kept going.”

“I always liked the academic. I always liked learning. Coming from a business family I liked business, I liked working. I thought modelling was two dimensional or even one-dimensional. And it is.”

“A model not only has to negotiate negative responses in her working environment but also in her day-to-day life. Let’s be honest here, you ask a girl what her line of work is and she answers ‘I’m a model’ what’s your first impression? We get stereotyped as dim witted, self centred, egocentric women.”

“Facing constant rejection and denunciation is as habitual to us as applying lip-gloss.”

“Beauty may be skin deep, but models have to have incredibly thick skin.”

“Snigger, they may, but there is nothing easy about posing in a bikini down Grafton Street in the freezing cold. That takes guts.”

“Oh to be able to systematically budget my bills or have the reassurance that if I break my leg tomorrow I’m not going to go without a pay cheque for 3 months. It can be easy for others, sitting fat and happy, to joke about our profession. But it’s no laughing matter to me. It’s my living. And a living I will make of it.”

“In this country you don’t make money from being high fashion. You’d be eating jam sandwiches for the rest of our life.”

“Those press calls are bread and butter. You earn better money doing them than you do from a full day editorial fashion shoot. You might look more fantastic in these shots but at the end of the day I’m here to make ends meet.”

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