Welcome and thank you for being here at this website, which I have dedicated to the memory of my daughter, Katy.

The marvellous thing about a website is that it allows me to honour the beautiful human being that Katy was, showing to you her love for mankind, her positive and happy view of life, and her personal achievements without any of the misinterpretations that others have created in the media.

As any mother knows, we live to nurture our daughters in life and also in death. I was privileged to have this wonderful girl and woman, Katy Ellen French, as my daughter here on earth and I am proud and happy to know that I will have her with me every day for the rest of my life. As I remember and cherish each waking moment we were together, I know, too, that there were many other people whose lives she profoundly touched. Both Jill and I were overwhelmed by the outpour of sympathy and condolence letters and cards we received from friends as well as from those who had never met Katy but somehow felt they knew her and were close to her. And so this site is dedicated to you as much it is as to Katy, to give you an intimate glimpse into the life of someone who really seemed to know what life was about and who lived it to the full and to the best of her abilities in the short time she had with us.

Katy was not perfect. She was a human being, trying to give some meaning to her life as does each and every one of us. But she was beautiful. She had looks and style and grace. And she had a smile that stretched across her entire face, a smile that revealed the love she felt for all those around her. Not one to criticise a single soul, loving the human being in each and every one of us she met, she spent her life giving, caring for and laughing with her friends, her family and those she worked with. She was never able to come to terms with any begrudgery or selfishness she encountered along her way. It hurt her and it caused a sadness in her soul.

Katy’s website aims to give you a more complete picture of what Katy did, from writing to modelling, from publicity and PR events to her charity works, from her playtime as a child to her work as a woman. Near to the end of her life she wrote after her visit to Calcutta. She said, ‘I realised that we are all here under the eyes of God to help each other, and that He doesn’t require us to succeed, only to try’. I give to those of you, who feel, care and understand the struggles we all experience, a picture of how Katy tried and I invite you in the Tributes section to share your feelings for a lovely human being, my daughter Katy, who was one of us.

Janet French

A special thanks goes to Sean O’Cleirigh and the other moderators for setting up a dedicated bebo page.

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