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Tributes to Katy. A sincere thank you to all…

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  1. Trudie Abrahamse. Head of Alexandra College Junior School. Says:

    The Katy I knew was a little blond haired, loosely tied in a pony- tail, nine year old girl, who appeared in my classroom in September of 1991.

    The Katy I knew was standing with her parents and her sister Jill in the door opening of J3, with a slightly apprehensive look in her beautiful brown eyes and smiling shyly at twenty pairs of curious eyes looking back at her.

    The Katy I knew hesitantly took a step into the room and straightened herself up and walked towards her desk. “Gutsy” was the word that went through my mind. Katy had arrived in Alex Junior School!

    Very quickly Katy settled in, made friends and fully adjusted to her new school. She was, as it is termed in professional parlance:” a good all-rounder”, a child with a good ability in all subjects and a lovely warm personality to go with it. She participated fully in all projects and co- scripted the Christmas play of that year, which if I remember correctly was called “A Christmas Surprise”.

    In short Katy was the sort of student any teacher would like to have twenty of in her class!
    I remember her good sense of humour; one day in class I winked at her and she returned the wink ever so quietly. You could say there was an understanding there!

    Her generous and caring character showed particularly where the younger children and her sister were concerned. If Jill had an accident in the playground, Katy would drop whatever she was doing and run across to help or to console her.

    I remember how Katy assisted Jill, who after falling badly, needed to be brought inside. She caringly, put her arm around Jill and brought her hobbling into the building to be seen by a teacher and stayed with her!

    The Katy I knew adored drama, gym and games and loved animals especially horses and did not mind getting her hands dirty. She was spirited and enthusiastic about everything that went on in the class.

    That was the Katy I knew.

    And so…………

    The Monday following the funeral at assembly I told Katy’s story to the senior classes of the Junior School. I showed them the picture of Katy as a little girl and the picture of the beautiful young woman she had grown into.

    I explained that – just as they are now – Katy had worn the brown uniform and the red tracksuit going to games and swimming. How she, also, had worked in the family groups and collected HELP money every week for different charities. I told them about her achievements as a grown up in the fashion world and about her caring nature with her involvement with GOAL in India.

    And so – I asked the girls what could we do in the Junior School to celebrate and remember Katy’s young life? As one they replied: “Donate the term’s HELP monies to GOAL!”

    And so it happened – the girls were able to send €419.00 raised from their weekly contributions to GOAL’ s India Programme in honour and memory of a past pupil, Katy French.

    May she rest in peace.

  2. Rosemary Wright, Makeup Artist Says:

    Katy is the most beautiful model I have met along the way. I first met Katy about 5 years ago at a photo shoot in the La Stampa Hotel in Dublin, straight away I felt she was someone who made me feel comfortable. This smiley, gorgeous blonde who lit up a thousand photocalls with her radiant beauty and infectious personality. Since that day I have met her at shows and photoshoots always being that warm and friendly person. I am honoured to be one of, I am sure, many make-up artists that can have the pleasure of saying that I have applied make-up on this beautiful face. 

Heaven is now a brighter place with this sparkling girl there. She has influenced so many people and touched many lives but none more than mine.

    Rosemary Wright
    Makeup Artist

    You can view my tribute to Katy by clicking here.

  3. Eamon Keane Says:

    If you are lucky in life you meet someone who alters your view of the world. If you are very lucky you remember what they taught and revealed to you. Sometimes it happens imperceptibly; other times more dramatically.

    I met Katy at a pr function. She was attractive and i don’t just mean her looks. I mean that something that triggers a brightness within yourself . ‘oh she was the sunday of every month,’ as the poet Austin Clarke put it.

    We became friends and she used to come on my radio programme. Afterwards we would go for long chats.

    Katy also came to my house and listened to and gave me feedback on my songs.
    We were both able to drop the media bullsh*t. And talk honestly and openly. We shared about our families, about the good and the bad of life.

    After death we tend to turn people into saints or devils. Katy was neither, but stood out for the warmth of her heart, her lighting fast brain and her lovely dark sense of humour. The word honesty is bandied about a lot but Katy had it in buckets. It takes a certain moral courage to reveal your flaws as well as your assets. Katy had that courage. We all have many selves, the public, the private, the soulful, the playful… while i am sometimes wary of revealing certain sides Katy had no such fear.

    The reduction of Katy’s life to the circumstances of her death do her and those who know her a massive injustice. I will remember the irreverent humour and her fearlessness – traits sadly lacking in the media vultures who hack at her memory. I will remember an intelligence of thought and word, like the silver shine of fish under the water’s surface, darting here and there and never predictable.

    And always i will remember Katy’s smile which took you into a world of warmth, and her voice – the sound of life in all its hues and colours.

    Eamon Keane

  4. Eamon & Lisa Downey, Heart & Soul Says:

    Katy was such a fun loving, gregarious girl with an enormous zest for life. I first met her when we did a photo shoot with our dresses for the sun. She was laughing and joking throughout the shoot and was extremely polite to everyone. Katy was a pure professional and would put extra effort in to getting every shot right.

    I was planning a charity ball at Citywest in aid of children with aids in Rwanda. I approached Katy to get involved and it was an immediate “yes” when she heard about the plight of these forgotten children. Katy had a great sense of humour and agreed to auction herself off as “p.a. for the day”. I think she was worried no one might bid! She need not have worried as on the night there were several bidders. She managed to raise 1,500 euros for the kids. This means that several kids (who in some cases these sick children had lost both parents to aids) could be educated and fed for an entire year.

    I would often hear from Katy by text. She told me she was going to be on TV trying to raise money for our lady’s hospital for children. If i remember rightly she had to stick her head in a tank full of worms. I asked her how on earth she was able to do it. She said she just kept thinking of the sick children and what they have to endure.

    The last time I saw Katy was at her birthday party in Krystle. She had a special energy that lit up a room when she entered it. My last memory of her was of this beautiful golden girl bringing laughter and joy to all of those around her. The last thing i said to her that night was how gorgeous she looked. I remember thinking that she had the world at her feet.

    Katy is deeply missed by all those who cared about her. All the kindness and compassion she showed to the less fortunate should never be forgotten.

    May she rest in peace.

  5. James Harris, Galway Says:

    Katy was a credit to you, her work with me for downs syndrome raised huge awareness in Galway, she was liked and respected by so many and what I really admired of her was her dedication to complete whatever she undertook. She had a great since of humour and was afraid of nothing, although we only knew each other for a short time, we quickly became close.


  6. From The Oliver Family Says:

    First… to our dearest friends Janet, Jill and John, we want you to know how much we wish we could be with you today, 6th December 2008, to help you celebrate Katy’s life.

    When we first moved in next door and met all of you in 1988 we became instant friends, the kind of friends who become family. Katy and Jill became like sisters to Christina and through the years remained very close. Because Katy was 2 years older than Christina and Jill, they really looked up to her as she made her way with so much confidence, fearlessness and her love of life. Even in those early years Katy was strong-willed, testing and examining life and it seemed that she was in a hurry to experience all that life had to offer.

    Of course we remember the school events, the birthday parties and Halloween nights where the bon fires seemed to burn in celebration of Katy’s birthday. The games played that would scare the girls out of their wits, the neighborhood park where Katy, Jill, Christina and others would explore and Katy would always be the leader and challenge the others to daring feats. The memories of mud pie competitions, hiding behind bushes, and the countless dress ups that were only a glimpse of things to come. Of course there was the incredible bon voyage dinner that Katy so lavishly co-hosted for us, complete with musical entertainment. Then there were the fun trips we shared in Arizona, the hikes and jeep ride through the red rocks of Sedona, and the boat ride on apache lake where all the girls nearly got stranded. A couple of years later we made the trip back to Ireland where it felt like we were home all over again. We saw that Katy had blossomed into a stunning young lady with so much drive and zest for life. She was amazing in her confidence, her magnetic personality, her warm and fun manner and that contagious laugh of hers.

    It seems to us now that Katy is still continuing her journey, still blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow. During her time here, which to us seems too brief, she accomplished so much and lived her life to the fullest. This has always been her essence, her gift to us, that she achieved so much long before most of us even begin to make our mark in life. In a way it seems she is continuing her journey in each of us that knew her, challenging us to daring feats, to make the most of our own life.

    Even though in recent years we have been more apart than together, each time we meet again or speak, it is like no time has passed and that bond forged between us is still very strong and ever present.

    We all go on our separate ways, yet there are bonds, memories and feelings that remain and connect us as we travel our own paths. It is these bonds and the love that we share that remains even when we are not together or no longer here.

    In closing we would like to leave you with this quote from the end of the book “the Bridge of San Luis Rey” by Thornton Wilder.

    “…but soon we shall die and all memory of those…will have left the earth, and we ourselves shall be loved for awhile and forgotten. But the love will have been enough; all those impulses of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”

    Our love to Katy and to you.
    Carmen, Ed, Christina and Laura….your friends forever.

  7. Eileen Henry Says:

    I loved my granddaughters, Katy and Jill so dearly – it delighted me every time I heard “Hi Nana” but now one voice is stilled, never to be heard again.

    Katy from childhood was so beautiful, like a ray of sunshine, full of fun and charm – highly intelligent – generous – courageous – kind. I can still feel the sudden hug she would give me – her ability to make everyone feel special, her love of children and animals, with which she had an affinity. The very special, almost spiritual experiences we shared together are all held very close to my heart. May God keep you safe, my darling Katy.

    I shall mourn you all the days of my life.

  8. Michael Healy Rae Says:

    During the course of our lives we encounter all types of people – exciting people, boring people, interesting people, dull people. In Katy’s character she had it all. She was interesting, intelligent, a great conversationalist and an extremely lively person to be with.

    What I found to be of most importance, however, was how well grounded she was. What I mean by that is, despite her career which at times may have been glamourous, and to some people involved in that type of work it could go to their heads, that was certainly not the case with Katy. In fact she was the exact opposite.

    I honestly believe that had she lived she would have been not just an Irish success, but indeed, at the very least, a European success story; and were that to happen I do not believe that her character and special ways would ever have changed.

    She was very lucky in life to have been supported by a very kind and caring family and by her large circle of true friends, who always supported her in life and in death. They all saw the very special character that she was.

    For any family to have a child leave them this is definitely the most hurtful and heartbreaking experience that they could have. I can only hope during the last 12 months that the kindness and thoughtfulness that has been shown by Katy’s true friends will have been a help to Katy’s mum Janet, her dad John and her sister Jill in taking them through their awful tragedy.

    In remembering Katy we should never be negative. We should remember all of the good things about her – the drive, effort and determination that she put into every day of her life, the fact that she wanted to live life to the fullest and to the best of her ability, which she really did. She put more living into a very short life than many other people would have if they lived to be 100. So at the end of this year I would ask everyone to remember the funny moments, the excitement and the achievements she had.

    Tony Kenny, Alan O’Neill, Daithe O’Shea, Mickey Joe Harte, Victoria Mary Clarke, Michelle Smith and myself saw the real side of Katy French. When she was away from her own environment, living rough like ourselves, we saw a very special thing. An ordinary young girl who was able to do extraordinary things.

    Michael Healy Rae

  9. Mark Doyle Says:

    Janet, I only knew your daughter thru photo calls & her 24th birthday party, she always gave me 110% for photos,when I would suggest to her to do something to get the pic in the paper the following day, she would gladly oblige. The papers loved her, snappers loved her, she never refused me a pic – whether working or not. Dublin is not the same for photocalls any more,my favourite photo of her is of her getting out of the limo outside Krystle nightclub for her party, hair blowing in the wind !!!!! I love that pic, it’s being used many times.
    Mark D.
    free lance press photographer, (Bray, Co. Wicklow)

  10. Mark Doyle Says:

    Janet, I’ve never spoken to you, not sure if I snapped you that night of the party, Katy French was one of a kind,

    Mark D.

  11. Marian Quinlan Curtin Says:

    Katy was a beatiful young Lady,
    I never had the pleasure to know her but from reading her Mums Tribute she was a daughter to be proud of.

    Heads bowed

    Heads bowed
    Silent prayers
    A loved one
    No longer here
    A graveyard
    Bleak and cold
    A loved one
    We can no longer hold
    As tears slowly fall
    Down our faces
    As we give each other
    A silent embrace
    Our loved one
    Will remain
    In our hearts
    And memories still
    And as each day passes
    We will learn
    To smile again

    Marian Quinlan Curtin Templetuohy Thurles Co Tipperary

  12. Gillian Wharton Says:

    Dear Katy’s family,
    Sorry that it has taken me this long to express my sadness at Katy’s passing. We wept openly here at home the day she died so I can only imagine the loss for yourselves. She is so beautiful… I say is, is because she will always be as she was, she will never grow old, she will never experience the difficulties life throws as us as we age, and for that she is forever a little light in the distance. Whenever we see a picture of katy in the paper etc we are over come by this unbelieve sense of sadness and of great empathy for you, her family. I know that while the rest of us get on with our lives, you her family will have to live without Katy and try and make your own lives normal again, if ever. I do hope though that with time and family unity you will move on and enjoy your lives. Katy certainly enjoyed her short life, you owe it to her memory to move on with yours. I will think of the beautiful Katy often, I will remember you too as a family as you struggle with the grief that is the loss of Katy. As a mother of two children myself I really do feel if only a little what the pain must be like.
    I wish you well in the future, and to tell you that the website you have set up in Katy’s name is spectacular as was she.
    Take care of yourselves and all the best for the future
    Gillian Wharton and family in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

  13. Louise Browne Says:

    RIP… I really looked up to you when you were alive… you gave across as being such a bubbly, down to earth, fun person. I would love to have being intorduced to you… I was a big fan. I hope ur resting in peace now hun. You were the best model that Ireland has or will ever produce xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. Karen O'Shea Says:

    By the time I met Katy she had one of the most recognised faces in the country. She was famous for her beauty and her high voltage personality. I hopped on the ball one day, and asked this girl with the world at her feet, how would she feel about visiting one of its darkest corners? Little did I think that she would light it up.

    It was in Calcutta in 2007 amongst the street children, the hungry, and those who sell their tiny bodies for less than the price of a coffee at home, that we saw the real beauty in Katy.

    My daughter Lisa was to spend a week with her and GOAL, working with these kids. Rugby star Shane Byrne and photographer Robbie Reynolds were also on the trip. From the start Lisa could see Katy had a natural empathy with the kids. She would literally play in the mud with the children hugging them, and joining in their games as if they were her own.

    She had a natural gift for bonding; but I’d go so far as to say that she actually had a real love for them. She later spoke to me of them with great warmth and compassion. In the slums she didn’t recoil in horror at the squalor. She saw instead the strength in those who still knew how to summon a welcoming smile, even though they had been sorely short-changed in this unequal game of life.

    She also told us that when she was asked to act as a GOAL ambassador and visit India some of her pals blurted out “What for?” She couldn’t explain just then, but by the time she returned to Dublin she knew exactly why, and she wrote about it in the Sunday Independent.

    She described meeting Manisha who was aged 11. She tried to communicate with Katy the pain and torture she had been through. She didn’t need good English; her eyes told more than her lips could ever say. She said she had wanted a gun so she did not have to live her life anymore remembering the many horrendous experiences she had been put through. And then there was another little girl who was only eight. This child’s face was scarred in an unusual way. Katy wondered was it some natural disfigurement? She was told that the little girl had been horribly burned after being thrown into a fire by her own mother.

    Katy had come from a loving family and she knew what this kid had been cheated of. She reached out and opened her heart to these kids and it was a privilege to have her on board.

    When we lost Kay, we lost someone very special, a real gem. She had a rare commitment to those in need. She only crossed our paths briefly but meeting her was a blessing and we will always cherish her memory. Like all true stars she lit up our paths.

    I know Katy would have made many more trips with us had she had more time. Young as she was, she understood that it is often amongst the “lowest of the low” as they are seen in India, that you will find the true richness of the human spirit.

    “Why bother?” ….. Katy knew why.

    Karen O’Shea, GOAL

  15. Dr Michael McDermott Says:

    We would like to express our sympathy for your loss and our gratitude for the enormous commitment to Crumlin Hospital demonstrated by Katy during her tragically short life.  Not all of the doctors in the hospital had the opportunity to meet Katy during her frequent visits here but all who did remember her tremendous energy and vitality. Even those, who did not meet her personally, are acutely aware of her work on behalf of the hospital. Understandably, all the media at these many charity events wanted to concentrate on taking photographs of your beautiful daughter who seemed to have endless patience as they asked for “just one more shot”.  But despite the attention, Katy was always keen to play down her role and, on more than one occasion, I saw her gently persuade the assembled photographers to concentrate on the children instead.  She used her celebrity selflessly on behalf of the sick children and their families and, I am sure, she would have remained a friend to the hospital throughout what promised to be a glittering career.
    Because of her work with the Foundation, we considered Katy one of our extended family and we still feel her loss acutely. We hope that with time, you will receive the consolation you seek. In the meantime, it may of some comfort to you to know that her legacy lives on in the Foundation and in the hospital, both in the facilities and equipment her fundraising helped to purchase but also in the smiles of recognition on the faces of those who had the privilege of meeting her, whenever her name is mentioned.
    Dr Michael McDermott
    Secretary Medical Board,
    On behalf of all the members of the Medical Staff
    Our Lady’s Hospital, Crumlin.

  16. Tom Buckley Says:

    I was privileged to work with Katy on a charity project in our hometown of Kilcormac. My two friends Pauline, Noel and I had written a short film named Tales of Scarry, which was produced and made into a DVD with all of the proceeds going to a very worthy cause; The Offaly Branch of Kidney Dialysis. My Son John was living with Katy, Janet and Jill, and had told Katy of our plans to have a premiere to launch the DVD. Katy eagerly offered her help in whatever way she could. She decided she would come down to meet Pauline and I to find out more about the project and what she could do to help. I think like many people I had expectations of what to expect from a model and I think like many people here today you’ll agree Katy broke the mould. She had made the time between her work engagements to travel to Offaly to have dinner with us. She walked in the front door and instantly Katy’s warmth, energy, charm, poise and sense of fun endeared my wife Linda and me. By the end of the meal it seemed like Katy was an old friend. Linda offered apple tart and ice cream for dessert and Katy rubbed her hands together with glee saying how much she loved her food and that there were worse ways to spend an afternoon beside eating apple tart, drinking tea and chatting with friends. On the night of our Premiere, Katy arrived to the house looking radiant and beautiful. When we arrived at the Hotel Katy’s professionalism and her unique and special way with people was astounding. She wanted to be part of the attraction but not just the attraction. She posed for pictures with everyone and anyone who asked. She had a sincere word for everyone. Katy had even organised a spot prize of a round of golf for four people, which she agreed to auction. Katy got up on the podium and spoke to the people of our town. She was full of kindness and sincerity. During the auction Katy’s wonderful sense of humour shone through. At one point the bidding seemed to have peaked and Katy said “OK guys if you can get it to a €1000 I’ll caddy in my underwear” Not satisfied with that Katy said “if you can get to €1200 I’ll even get the sun to shine” She captured the attention of the entire auction, who were mesmerised by her beauty, wit and charm. Katy left a lasting impression on our little village. She had a word for everyone young and old, it was almost like that night Katy became our little girl too. A bright star, who had come to our town to give of herself and to help a charity because she believed in the importance of loving and giving. That night Katy had dinner in our home with Janet, Linda, John and myself. After dinner she wanted to help Linda clear the table. She said “Linda I love it down here you’re going to be sick of seeing me.” Unfortunately Katy never made it back to our home, or our village. During her time in hospital our small town prayed and lit candles. When Katy passed away our village was shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of this unique girl – for someone at the tender age of 24 to have achieved so much professionally; with her modelling, writing and television appearances. To be so dedicated to charity and people, to be able to touch the heart of so many, to light up a room with her smile, to be so brimming with charisma is unimaginable, yet this was Katy! I count myself amongst the privileged people who had the honour and pleasure of meeting, knowing, laughing with and being unforgettably touched by this angel.

    Thank you,
    Tom Buckley

  17. John Condren Says:

    Katy was a beatiful young Lady,
    I never had the pleasure to know her but from reading her Mums Tribute she was a daughter to be proud of. I know it must be a terrible thing for any parent to loose a daughter at such a young age. I do say a prayer that in time you will be able to get over it. At least you have the happy memories.

    May Katy rest in peace!!

  18. Irish Mum From Abroad Says:

    I have lived abroad for 8 years, I never knew Katy and all I learned was from newspapers. Here it is wonderful to see your own tribute to your daughter. Its a lovely website well done. We send you warm thoughts for this new year. Katy would be proud of you all Im sure. xxx

  19. karen Barry Says:

    I would just like to firstly offer you my condolences on the passing of your daughter & sister Katy. Your tribute to her is outstanding and now she must floating on a beautiful cloud so proud of you all. I did not know katy, only through television and magazines but she truly was beautiful and your tribute to her gives us all such a good insight into her real personality and life. To lose a daughter or sibling is unbearable, I know because I lost my own sister at the age of 30. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. thank you for sharing your special memories of Katy with us all. Take care. Karen

  20. Karen Says:

    Katy’s website brings tears to my eyes, It is a tribute to her memory.

    Katy was undoubtedly beautiful and her gallery of modelling pictures are stunning.

    Congratulations Janet & Jill for creating something so touching as this, Its no wonder Katy spoke so highly of her love for you both & the special bond she shared with you – She must be very proud.

    Katys memory will most definitely live on forever. Her early passing touched the nation, it most certainly has touched me.

    RIP Katy xxx

  21. Karen Says:

    Please forward on Katy’s memorial Card :-

    Karen Watters
    15 The Courtyard
    Dublin 15

    Much appreciated, Thank you.

  22. Dolores Says:

    Sorry for your loss
    Katy was such a beautiful girl, and may her ways and great affects stay with you all, i really understand how you all must be going through with the media and peoples rumours but one thing they dnt have is her memories
    Love Always

  23. Edward Says:

    I don’t think many realise just how much work has gone into producing this website. It is a remarkable tribute to a beautiful girl who produced a similar body of work during her lifetime. Let’s hope your pain will lessen with time.

  24. Fiona Ireland Says:

    Well done on a beautiful and moving tribute. My eyes are full of tears. Its lovely to see behind the glamour to the love and laughter Katy shared with her family. She was a truly exceptional person, full of radiance and life, may she rest in peace and comfort her family from above. God bless Katy and the French family.

  25. Andrew Macgregor Says:

    i Didnt no katy but she was one in a million a beautiful women and she was a real down to earth person rest in peace katy..xx Andy Australia

  26. Jim Begin Says:

    Goodbye Ireland’s Rose.


    RIP in Peace.

  27. Ciara Says:

    Katy is firstly such an inspiration to me, her words are unlike any others, just reading them shows me how wonderful a woman she was and I know for sure that women and men all over Ireland will be inspired by her incredible story. This tribute site has given me so much already.

    God Bless You Katy.
    Thank you for reminding me to smile :)

  28. Sean O'Cleirigh Says:

    Although I never met her, Katy came across as a very intelligent and kind lady. The amount of charity work she did in her short life. She was Irish’s top model but never seemed to forget where she came from.

    In this country we tend to begrudge each other and because Katy was successful and beautiful, some forgot she was like anyone else… human.

    Let Katy rest in peace and her family get on with the rest of their lives.

    Sean O’Cleirigh

  29. triona kearney Says:

    I dont know what it is about Katy that draws me to here,when she was alive and now.I still think about her from time to time-she was a beautiful girl who drew people to her!!xx

  30. Colin Says:

    Katy was truely the Uncrowned Queen of Ireland.

    The sadness and remorse of the Irish public is on a par with the deaths of Parnell, Collins and Joe Dolan.

    As WB Yeats once said;

    “And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
    To the holy city of Byzantium”

  31. Gillian Kearney Says:

    To The French Family

    I didnt know Katy but there is a small part of me that feels I did. Your daughter and sister was such a glamorus and lovely girl you are right to be so proud of her. I too lost someone very close to me, my father so I can relate to what yop are going through. I think it is a great idea setting up a web site in memory of your daughter/sister that way her memory will be kept alive. I will say goodbye and leave you with one note that somebody said to me. No matter where you are in this world just remember Katy is always there with you. You are in my taughts and prayers.
    Take Care
    Gillian (28) Dublin

  32. Paddy B. Says:

    A beautiful website. Truly a fitting tribute to the memory of Katy. Well done to all concerned. It truly captures the essence that was Katy.

    Rest in Peace Katy.


  33. mick daly Says:

    never had the pleasure of meeting your daughter katy yet from what i gather she was a decent human being who was loved by many people near & far.you say she wasnt perfect but then who is?no saints on this earth but then i’ll only judge katy on her style elegance & warmth as a decent soul, the girl had these attributes in abundance.as sad as her passing was you should hold your head in the clouds & be very proud of having introduced katy into the world even if only for a short time..still it must b comforting to know she,s watching over your family until you all meet again someday…

  34. laura daly Says:

    my sincere sympathy to you trying to cope with the death of your sister & daughter she was so talented & beautiful 7 followed her dreams & got where she wanted to be i admire her a lot…..

  35. Amara Proctor Says:

    I never knew your daughter, but she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life. She was a gift from God to everyone, to enjoy her beauty, her wonderful smile that made you smile just by the aura and magical brightness of it.
    I just found the website today because I look at Belfast Telegraph everyday here in Florida. My husband and stepson are from Belfast. I have visited your beautiful country and it truly is magical and breath-taking! Just like Katy! So you see she is all around us always! She is part of all of the beauty in your lovely land. Also an angel who lived here on earth. Her spirit is so ever shinning brightly everyday! My best wishes and love to her family.
    I thank you for sharing the wonderful tribute of Kathy’s website. With all my heart, Amara Proctor :)

  36. Louise Nic Aodhbhuí Says:

    I only met Katy a few times but she never had a bad word to say she was a fantastic person and is sadly missed. I would love a copy of her memorial card so that i can show everyone
    what a wonderful person she was . I really hope you recieved my on sympathy card. She was a rose that blossomed.

    Goodbye Irelands rose…may you ever grow in our hearts

    94c Orwell Park Rise
    Dublin 6W

  37. Lilly, NYC Says:

    Beautiful site.
    RIP Katy.

  38. Ashling Hand Says:

    I never knew Katy but loved reading about her and couldnt wait for the next story or pic in the paper from this feisty model who made me LOL with her openess. A girl after my own heart. Words cannot be found to describe the loss of such a fantastic girl. She was what was needed in the modelling world. Not just one of the average “lookers” that stand and pose she had a voice, a soul, an opinion one she shared unlike many people who are afraid to share their true personality with the world for fear of being shot down. Not Katy French what you see is what you get with Katy. Taken too soon and too young but she shone a fantastic light while she was here. May every memory you shared with your beautiful, intelligent courageous daughter get you through the dark days but be sure she is right beside you every minute taking care of you all xxx

  39. Ruth Henshaw Says:

    Katy was a great girl, very friendly and full of life. she was great fun to be around and I feel lucky that I knew her and hung out with her for a time. She will be sadly missed.. she was also one of our greatest Irish beauties… she should still be here :( xxx

  40. Wayne Tobin Says:

    Can I get the memorial card please:
    Wayne Tobin
    4A Killarney Park,

    RIP Katy and I am glad this website has been set up as I feel we can no longer rely on the media which is very regretable. I admire Janet so much and others involved in setting this up. Katy would be very proud. Wayne.

  41. lara casey Says:

    you know how i feel about your beautiful daughter- sister, now your guardian angel holding your hands xxxxxxxxxxx i light a candle for katy every week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. helena hoey Says:

    i did not know katy but i feel like i do.i think she was a wonderful woman.she was just beautiful so beautiful. im so sorry may she rest in peace.she had so much more give.xx lots of love helena xx

  43. helena hoey Says:

    i just look at your daughter and i cry. she is so beautiful and is now an angel for god xx love helena xx

  44. declanmcnamee Says:

    I wish katy was here with us today,and i think what you have done with this site is a honer to her,well done

  45. Rod(rory)Askins Says:

    Hi, i would like a memorial card of katy ,but dont want to make my address public, is there a way to give address by email etc? im goin to keep katys memorial card on the dashboard of my taxi to remind me that lifes too short, im only 27 myself and katy was only around 24 younger than me, so that gives me a wake up call and remind me that life is for living , we should be here for a good time not a long time, id say katy would like that saying ? , talk soon, rory x Also i did intend and bought all the domain names for katyfrench and planned to setup a website in her name but as i dont know much about setting up websites and couldnt find anybody who could help ,i let them expire ,my original intention and reason why i bought the domain names was so no one else could buy them and use them in any bad way to harm katys name and reputation, so im glad to see this website and there is finally a website dedicated to her and people can learn form her and all about her here, thanks for that ,uve suceeded in doin what i couldnt achieve, x rory, keep in touch

  46. Australia Man Says:

    i read about this here in australia, i am a irish man that used to live in ireland…

    its sad for anyones mother or father to lose their daughter…how it happened, why it happened is unimportant.

    a loss of any life is tragic.

    she had a great life and was obviously a very happy person,

    we salute you Kathy!

  47. Claire Breen Says:

    brilliant site
    r.i.p katy

    please forward katys memorial card to me
    Claire Breen
    12 Bernard Place

  48. Robyn Says:

    Unfortunately I never had the privilege of meeting Katy, I only knew of her through TV. Once I heard of her I took keen interest and started to notice her everywhere……. I’ve been trying to think of something to say here without sounding clichéed so all I’ll say is to Katys Mum, Dad and sister…… Although you have lost an amazing daughter and sister, you should all be very proud of yourselves for being so strong and setting up this amazing website, it is so pretty just like Katy :) She would be so delighted with it I’m sure. And remember, one day you will all be together again and no doubt she will be ready for it :)

    I don’t usually talk like this about someone I’ve never met to people I don’t know but I have 2 sisters and I can only imagine how heart-broken I would be if this happened to me.

    God Bless you, you are inspirational

  49. Nuala Cleary Says:

    I did not know Katy personally but i admired her for her passion for life and her “get up and go” attitude, She was never afraid of a challenge and was very assertive which is a great asset to have. We also saw a very compassionate side to Katy with her charity work.I never go to mass but the day Katy died i felt compelled to go and light a candle for her and her family as i needed to do something but was powerless to do anything that would really help.Your daughter/sister is someone that you have every right to be very proud off and I believe that a star was being born,only god had other plans for Katy.I know she will look after and guide ye through these awful tough times.This site is an amazing tribute to an amazing person, She would be so proud of it.
    Rest in peace Katy.

  50. catherine Says:

    To Katy and her family,

    Thank you so much for setting up this site, I never knew Katy and sadly only knew of her after her death as I was living in UK at the time. Katys death has affected me in many ways, of course not to the extent that it has to her loving family and true friends.
    Katy has inspired me so much, just reading about her personality and views on love and life just fills me with a desire to be better and to follow her unbelieveable way of thinking and living, it really is genuinly inspirational and I would hope I could live with even half of her unselfishness and love and desire to just live life to the full.

    I am 28 and not having the best of times in my life at the moment but strange as it sounds I am finding comfort in Katy and I think of her alot. She is just so beautiful her looks are angelic. I log on to the site and read about Katy and her life and views on life as told by her family and it always picks me up when I am down : )

    Katy is a beautiful angel whose light will never go out.

    My deepest condolences to Katys family and friendsxxxx

  51. Kirsty Doolin Says:

    Katy was one of my best friends and I had the privilege of knowing Katy for about 3 years. We were first introduced through the men on our lives and all thou one of those relationships came to an end, mine and Katy’s didn’t.

    I had the privilege of seeing a side of Katy that allot of people didn’t. We spent many a night sitting in our pj’s drinking wine and having a good old chat. Katy was always such a good host, whenever I called up to her apartment she would always have the table all set out with crackers topped with smoked salmon pâté….. Which she got me completely hooked on.

    Katy was such a happy and loving person and in the 3 years I knew her I can honestly say I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. I think children are the best judge of character, this defiantly came thru in my daughter (Imogen aged 3 and a half) who just took to Katy straight away. Imogen would stare at Katy with so much interest in her eyes. There were a couple of times when Katy looked after Imogen for a few hours for me and I couldn’t think of a better kinder person to leave my daughter with. Imogen was a very clingy child and would scream the place down when I was leaving her with her Dad or Nannies but with Katy there was not a tear in her eye.

    We miss Katy loads but I still feel you around us and especially when Imogen puts on the sunglasses you bought her.

    Kirsty xx

  52. Olivia Says:

    Katy was an absolute stunner and an amazing person. RIP xox

  53. Olga Waters Says:

    The good die young – Gone but not forgotten RIP.

  54. M Varley Says:

    So sad for such beautiful lady to die so young hope she is happy in heaven.

  55. A Ní Caihláin Says:

    Your loss is still felt in our world Katy.
    Janet your daughter was the most kind and polite women I have ever met in my short time in her modeling world. She was a role model and allround fantastic young woman.

    Always in our thoughts Ms. French x


  56. Olga Waters Says:

    Could you send me a memorial card please?

    Olga Waters, Library, Senior College, Eblana Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Thanks.
    Katy will always be remembered fondly.

  57. ciara Says:

    katy R.I.P your were so nice and preety <3
    hope your mum and dads ok
    you make heaven preety like you

  58. Niamh Says:

    First id just like to say im so sorry for your loss of your daughter:(
    I did not know Katy,but anytime she came on TV id say to my mam ‘oh mammy she’s so beautiful’Katy was an absolutely stunning looking girl,with a great career,its just so so sad that her life was so short lived,but im sure she will be looking down on all her family-friends-and 1000′s of fans..
    Rest In Peace Katy…
    Niamh xoxoxo

  59. Noeleen Says:

    Dear Janet and Jill, I met Katy in the nightclub where I worked in Navan when she came down to do a guest appearence and I was so taken aback that not only was she so beautiful but she was so down to earth. She was a beautiful girl with great spirit and a radiant smile and she will be sadly missed in this world. I know that nothing anyone says will take away the pain of losing Katy but I just hope that our words somehow ease that pain even a little bit. You are in my thoughts and prayers … Love and best wishes xxxx


  60. ger dooley Says:

    hello my name is ger dooley i live in kilkenny i just want to say how sad i am at the passing of katy i didn know her but seening her in the daily newspapers i feel i know her now she was such wonderfull person she done so much work for charties she was very kind to everybody we all miss you katy may you rest in peace and may god bless your mam janet your dad john and your sister jill my prayers are with you all and will be forever

  61. stephen Says:

    dear french family
    i just want to say how sad i felt the day poor katy passed away.i seen her in so many newspappers and she allways looked so happy.im sure heaven is a more beautiful place now katy’s there.
    may she rest in peace
    ste x x x

  62. michelle cassidy Says:

    you were a beautiful person inside and out…such a great loss…but heavens great gain..sleep well katy xxx

  63. james masterson Says:

    soon after katy pass i lost a friend to a hart attack, he was only 29 and to be honest about it i was as heart brokan over katys passing,tho i have nerer met her she always seamed to have a glow to her and make a day that bit nicer. i think she was the friend everyone wanted.knowing that people like katy and my friend ray are up there now makes the thought of passing a bit nicer, im really sorry for your loss. j

  64. james masterson Says:

    misssed always

  65. Adrian Says:

    What Katy did on The Late Late Show back in May 2007 for Crumlin Hospital was amazing. Many people would never of had the guts to that which just goes to show how generous Katy was when it came to charity.

    RIP KATY xxx

    Could you please forward on Katy’s memorial Card
    Adrian O’Mahony
    40 Woodlands, Frankfield, Co. Cork.
    Thank you

  66. Phil Says:

    I am one of those people whom for some reason missed Katie’s career as it happened (what planet was I on)? Regrettably Katie came to my attention when she first took ill. It seemed she was the topic of discussion on everybody’s lips and the general hope was that somehow she might pull through. Alas the truth is a cruel betrayal of that lost hope.
    When I first saw Katie’s picture I was immediately struck by her beauty (those eyes) and as I read more about her I became an admirer of her vivacious, infectious and positive personality which compounded the sadness I felt when I read she had died in her sisters arms (such a tragic loss of life). Made all the more profound now just looking at the pictures of their shared childhood together.
    Katie came across as a strong minded woman whose opinions did not always sit well with the masses but to me (in retrospect) she was like a breath of fresh air. To appear so well rounded so young is the exception rather than the rule. She was a woman of her time shaking things up with the old guard in that respect she did not waste her youth.
    Sometimes nature presents us with a perfect beauty and form in all things and Katie as a human being was just that. It is easy to see how she might have her detractors. Those who speak ill of her are most likely intimidated.
    From those dark December skies of 2008 Katie’s untimely departure from this life must have left a huge void in your lives. As a brother who lost a much loved sister to cancer 5 years back I can say with hand on heart I truly know how that feels. I think Katie’s death saddened me more because at the time I was doing a bereavement course and I was wondering how could one console your family for their loss. I also have a daughter near the same age. I feel very privileged to be able to offer my condolences to you her family. Hopefully time will bring you some peace. The website is a great idea because I’m sure only positive things will be posted. I have seen the tributes on youtube and some of the
    negative comments defy belief. Sometimes I lose faith in humanity. Take care of yourselves and feel proud of such a stunningly beautiful young woman whom was taken from you so tragically and so young. Our deepest condolences go with you.

  67. Michael Steinmetz, Speyer, Germany Says:

    I was in Ireland on holiday when this tragedy happend and
    it still touches me in a very amazing way.
    I never met Katy but the more I read about her ( also thanks to the brilliant website ! ) the more I realised what a wonderful person she was.
    I don´t understand some tones in the media.
    She is gone, a great loss for her family and friends.
    I will come back this march and will visit your grave again Katy.

    Rest in peace


  68. John LK Says:

    Congratulations to the French family for organising this website. It is a wonderful tribute.
    I am regularly in Dublin either business or meeting friends and have visited Katy’s grave many times by taking a detour en route home. It is such a peaceful place.

    I keep praying for you and your family Katy and I believe you are in heaven.

    I will be passing through Enniskerry again during this month. Talk to you then.

  69. Grace Says:

    rip katy

  70. james Says:

    “what can be said”that has not already been said,what tear can fall that has not already been shedd.you changed my life more than you will ever know,i may be a stranger but i miss you so.ill carry a smile for you and me both,ill never forgrt you katy,you have given me hope xxxxxx
    you may be in heaven but never far from our thoughts. jxxx

  71. Maria Says:

    Always in my thoughts.
    RIP katy xxx

  72. JoannaMullens Says:

    I never really followed Katys career and when her illness made the headlines I am ashamed to say my immediate thoughts were quite scathing due to the reported cause of her death. I stumbled upon this website and I am so glad i did because I now know how small minded and ignorant I was to pass judgement on a person I never knew, based on unreliable media reports. This website has brought tears to my eyes. I am the same age as Katy and I have and never will, acomplish the things she did with her charity work. she is an inspiration, I say is and not was…
    I apologise for my initial thoughts.

    RIP Katy

  73. Phil Says:

    I’ve just read biography and i realize like the last post i too have assumed cause of death as reported in the media to be ‘truth’. How foolish of me it is wrong and not fair -I apologzie. The ultimate sadness is she is gone way too soon. A star in the ascendancy we will never know the full potential but my, what a talent and C.V. So much accomplished in such a short space of time. God Bless.

  74. Mags Whyte Says:

    I would firstly like to take this opportunity to say “Well Done” on the utterly amazing job you have done in creating this dedicated official website in honour of Miss. Katy French. It is a credit to you and it is worth all the time and effort you put into making it so congratulations and I know you’re thinking Katy’s worth every minute spent designing it, you’re right, she is.

    When I think of Katy French the one word that comes to mind is “Inspiration”. Katy was and continues to be an inspiration to me. Although I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet this amazing lady she touched my heart in more ways than one. I’m not too sure why she has decided to help me from Heaven but I am so thankful for her guidance. I’m sure this is hard for you to understand, believe me its hard for me to explain but basically I was recently diagnosed with an illness and Katy has taught me to live for today, everyday. Katy was a lady, an amazing lady. She done so much good in her short time with us and her memory lives on, she will never be forgotten.

    We lost a true Irish Rose on the 6th of December 2007 and Heaven gained an Angel, and if Heaven gained an Angel then that’s just another one looking out for us. My thoughts and prayers are with you, her nearest and dearest, I hope your grief is easing and you are at peace.
    I intend to visit Katy’s grave soon,
    God Bless -x-

    Mags Whyte,
    Co. Donegal

  75. chynna Says:

    What a beautiful site in memory of kathy.. such a precious person but sadly taken to soon. Love looking at this site her pictures are just so beautiful.

  76. Chynna Says:

    What a beautiful site for such a precious girl taken so soon. Her beauty is displayed in every picture on this site and that is what i love looking at it.. Specially those wedding dresses shes a beauty now resting in peace! My prayers and thoughts to the family

  77. Raisa Carolan Says:

    i never knew katy but i wish i did from all the kind words i’v read. i watch her on that celebritys go wild and she made a great tribute to it. well done katy. i dont think anyone would achieve as much as you did in your short life.
    when i heard about you on the news, nothin has ever hit me so bad not even my uncles death. goes to show you how much katy was known and appreciated. i have my doubt about her death. From hearing and reading the kind of person, makes me really think and i have my doubt. but all i can do now is move on and keep her in my thoughts and prays.! R.I.P katy french! XxXx

  78. nichole o shea Says:

    katie was an anhel too perfect for this world she was an insperation to others her work with charities was amazing. my address is 5 park avenue tullamore co offaly ireland i would be over the moon if you could send me one of katies memorial cards which i would treasure forever.xx

  79. Keith Says:

    Sorry for your loss.I have a song I wrote inspired by Katy would like you to hear.

  80. Keith Says:

    Sorry for your loss.I have a song I wrote inspired by Katy , I would like you to hear

  81. Michelle Prior Says:

    Hi Katy,I was thinking of you so thought i would leave a comment to say we stil think of you and hope you are at peace in the afterlife.This site is fantastic and it is so very touching for your famly to give us a real insight in to who you truly were and it highlights your beautiful nature rather than having the media writing bad things about such a wonderful person. Three members of my family passed away in August, October & December 08. My cousin Alan(21), Uncle Pat(36) and aunt Karen(43) – Alans brother Thomas(19) died in June 2000 also so I understand completely what heartbreak is and I hope your family are coping with losing you. My best friend Stuey(38) also died on St.Patricks day 09. It is very hard to get on with your life sometimes but you have to and I really hope your family be okay but if they ever need to chat they can message me and I will try to help – Lots of Love Katy and family – My thoughts and prayers are with you always. It’s still sad to see so many evil people still exist in this world and have nothing better to do with their time by leaving such nasty comments. Karma will come back around and bite them so don’t listen or worry about them. I feel sorry for those who speak badly about others but when it happens to them or their family then they will know what true pain is. What you have done by creating this site will always keep Katies memory alive and we will never forget Katy. We are very proud of you. You were such a womderful person xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  82. mike fenton Says:

    time move on but memories stay .no more smiling faces on the paper.as a truck driver life gets lonely.my dad passed away on 10 nov 07 .one dark wet evening a week later my heart was very low.i took the paper with katy photo on it and gazed at it for 20 minutes with that smile my heart lifted and i carried on my journey.sadly that smiling face passed on a couple of weeks later.called to visit the grave last sept.jill and mam were planting flowers .i said my prayer and said thanks and moved on.thanks for the help katy .every week i light a candle for her.a angel in haven

  83. Mackem Says:

    Nobody in Ireland can look as beautiful in the papers as you. We’re still thinking of you katy…

  84. natasha fallon Says:

    i still look at dis stunning girl an can belive she is no longer with her family its so sad .2 young 2 die . sweet dreams x

  85. Olivia Holian Says:

    She was a fantastic classy lady. Much missed. The media reporting and intrusion was a disgraceful insult to all of your family. lovely website, she’d be very proud.

  86. james masterson Says:

    wow! still seames like yesterday,time seames to be standing still.I was never lucky enough to know katy but i miss her, i think the day she left us death had taken us all.
    she did so much in such a short time,just seames to have been an amazing person. R.I.P XXXX

  87. Karen Says:

    I still think about Katy a lot, how unfair it is that she was taken from you both.

    I cant imagine what each day is like for both you and Jill, but I guess your faith & your love for Katy will help you always remain strong in the belief that you will all be reunited again.

    Katy will always be remembered….. she will always pop up somewhere for us to remember her whether we knew her or not, no doubt she is looking down smiling and saying “Damn right I will”.

    Thinking of you both, stay strong x

  88. jackie carlile Says:

    kathy was at my sisters wedding in dunboyne castle in 2006 and i know my sister was fond of her and i have just come across this wedsite and would love to get her a memorial card to remember her by as she often watches her wedding dvd in which kathy is on. my address is 104 walkinstown avenue dublin 12

    thank you very much and our taughts are with you all

  89. Shaunagh Kenny Says:

    Katy French … Such an amazing human being !! I didn’t even know her && she touched my life , inspired me as a young teenager !! She was fabulous && will never be forgotting .. You were so beautiful Katy your massive crisp white smile that would light up any room .. Your missed terribly !! Ox

  90. avieen daly Says:

    words cannot begin to express what you and your family must be going through, as a mother of two little girls myself i like you have fantastic open relationship with them as you did with katy and i put it all down to trust and to listening to them.
    stay strong, thats what katy would have wanted.
    kind regards
    avieen daly

  91. Karen Says:

    I think of Katy often. Her life was take too soon. She was an insipration to a lot of people.

  92. Erika Says:

    You were the most beautiful model in Ireland, beautiful on the inside and the outside,the light shined out of you in such a lovley way, rest in peace Katy.

  93. lynda o keeffe Says:

    Sadly missed

  94. arvin Says:

    I miss you even though i never knew you.

  95. Karen Says:

    Thinking of Katy a lot lately as her 26th birthday approaches…

    My thoughts are with you Janet & Jill

    Take care

    Karen x

  96. mike fenton Says:

    happy 26 birthday. hope god and the angels are looking after you. called to see you a couple of weeks back.what a lovely and peaceful place . by for now

  97. Mary Amond Says:

    Happy belated birthday katy

    RIP Always in our minds and hearts never forgetten

    RIP Katy

  98. Alan O'Neill Says:

    Hi darling, can’t believe it’s two years since Sligo.Myself and Michael were reminicing last week. What a great time. Love and miss you always.

  99. Alan O'Neill Says:

    Hi darling’ can’t believe it’s two years since Sligo. Michael and I had a great time looking back at it recently.We all had such fun.
    Love and miss you always.

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